Diana paints, sculpts, exhibits regularly and takes commissions.

1958 - Born in Wellington, New Zealand.

1963 - 75 - Attended St Benedicts, Erskine and Marsden schools.


1980 - 83 / 1990 - 94 - Diana studied for a Fashion Design Diploma at Wellington Polytechnic (now Massey University) and then 10 years later completed a Graphic Design Degree, passing with honours from Massy University. 


1994 + - After graduating top of her class from Massey and highly sought after, she was wooed by Colenso and as an art director was partnered with writers, first with Lloyd Jones, then Raybon Kan. After what was only a brief stint in advertising, Diana ran screaming to the less precious side of the creative industry and settled in to a successful career as a designer, eventually working in her own practice for many years. 


1998 + - While running her own design business, Diana also did some mentoring and 4th year key project tutoring for the Massey University Design School.

Living in Wellington:

1990 + - After early years in Wellington, Diana lived and worked in Auckland before 'returning home'. Diana currently lives, works and exhibits in Wellington. When not painting she rides dressage competitively and spends time in the Wairarapa.

History as an artist.


2005 - Diana started to do sculptural works (in stainless steel wire) in both 2D and 3D.


2007 + - After taking and Inverlochy House painting course with Roberto Paulet, Diana has continued to explore painting in oil and mixed media. She has continued to take courses at Inverlochy with Roberto Paulet…and exhibited and part of Inverlochy annual group shows. Her work has focussed on life drawing and painting, oil and traditional techniques. This has resulted in a series of works in the past few years and annual exhibition/group shows at Inverlochy, Thistle Hall, the Woolstore pop up Gallery and beyond.


2007 - Dressage - a show of abstracts drawing on dressage horses and equipment - oil on canvas and studies (works all sold).

2008 - At work - a show of abstracts drawing on the human form and inspired by working girls - oil on canvas and studies (all works sold).

2009 - Nudes #1 - a show of representative paintings drawing on the human form - oil on canvas and studies (all works sold). 

2009 - Nudes #2 - a show of abstracts drawing on the female nude form - oil on canvas and studies (some works still available).

2010 - No exhibition, but study of technique in oil, pastel, egg tempera resulting in a series of large paintings of masters, portraits in the classic style and nudes, plus some working studies / portraiture from life classes. In addition Diana completed a small series of wire sculpture work of horses in 3D and portraits, nudes and dancers in 2D (stainless steel wire).

2011 - War horses - a show of abstracts drawing on the horse at war from a range of archival photography from the two Great Wars - oil on canvas and studies (all works sold).

2012 - Masters reinterpreted - a show of gestural abstracts drawing on old masters works and depicting military subjects including Napoleon, Gustav of Sweden, Count-Duke Olivares and Field Marshal Lord Roberts - oil on canvas and studies on paper (all works sold).

2013 - The Horse - a show of portraits drawing on the horse - oil on canvas and ink on paper studies (some works still available).

2013 - Waving Cats - a sculpture installation - lacquered plastic (some works still available).

2014 - A series of horses, and a few cowboys…watch this space...

Commissions - Diana is currently working on commissions following her most recent exhibition.